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Quotation_open_48px For me i'm dude loves all about tech world
and chilling out on my ipod touch and i loved playing games like halo3
and would love get on xboxlive one day in near future and i love everything about g4tv
and i'm dude loves everything about ocean and saltwater fishing and chilling out on beach,
my states are in USA isCA.
Aslo i do alot gaming on dialup and wifi on a mmo game called 12sky and once while i do play halo2 for fun on xbcconnect when i feel like if on long trips.

Also i love taking down the big gaint walking spider things in halo3 they are so fun
i just loved tear them apart but i'm so use to it sometimes i can take them down so quick.
I just love doing it because they are so fun.LOL

Also i loved green monsters drinks,rockstars,full throttles and the blue ones,also
red bulls are good i love cherry taste for me i don't drink very much only once week
and i like giant green monsters drinks thoses last me like 3days on one bottle for little dude like me.LOL also i love all kinds drinks but my fav are code reds are my fav drinks..

since i got dsl i loved playing battlefield bad company2
here's my gamertagpics profileā€¦

and here about my video gaming history on xfire..
http://www.xfire.com/communities/foxman362/forums/155766/topic/682943/?p=1/# post1660600

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